11 Benefits of Working Out You Need To Know

by Salman Mansuri
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Obvious statement ever: Working out is good for you. You probably know that, but you might not know of other Benefits of Working Out that can come from working out aside from just being in better health. The benefits are almost never-ending and affect more than just your physical health. There are things that can happen from working out that help you lead a happier, more focused life.

When I talk about working out, I don’t necessarily mean you need to do an hour-long intense working on 6 different machines. No, even if you only have a treadmill at home and turn it on at a low speed for 30 minutes, that will help you!

Making the initiative to work out and better yourself can do SO much for you and it can do different things for each person.

Benefits of Working Out

Here are some obvious Benefits of Working Out:

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

My first point about what exercise can do for you is the fact that it can help eliminate anxiety and reduce stress. By getting off your butt and exerting physical energy, you can take your mind off things that are troubling you and busy yourself with something else.

It’s actually a proven fact that working out can reduce stress and anxiety, which means that anybody who suffers from these things cannot avoid it. If you suffer from stress and/or anxiety, you need to start working out more as a way to reduce these negative feelings you regularly have.

  • Increased Flexibility

Have you ever gone to take off your shoes just to be shocked at the fact that you can hardly reach your toes? Well, a regular workout can help increase your flexibility and keep your joints moving easier.

As you get older, you’ll notice your body becomes less flexible. But any type of physical exercise will help keep your body as flexible as it can be.

  • Better Sleep

Working out and getting rid of any pent up energy you have inside you will allow you to sleep better through the night. If your body is tired, and your mind is satisfied by the workout you went through earlier in the day, then you’ll notice that you sleep better when you lay your head down.

  • Catch Up on the Latest Podcasts and Music

Latest Podcasts and Music

Working out gives me the time to throw on my headphones and get caught up on some of my favorite music and podcasts. I really enjoy listening to these things and having a time carved out to really listen while I work out is something that makes my day better.

We all love these things sometimes struggle to find the time to do it, but working out is the absolutely perfect time to listen to some great podcast episodes and new music.

  • Get Outside

You don’t need an excuse to go outside but going for an outdoor run or just working out in your yard is a great way to get fresh air. Find some exercises that you can do outside and enjoy them!

  • Better Social Life

Working out can lead to finding new friends and also gives you a chance to do something with old friends you might not see enough.

Find a group you can workout with, join a running club you can meet up with, or start going to spin classes. There are so many ways that working out can enhance your social life.

  • Feel More Confident

Feel More Confident

If you workout and do things to positively impact your life, you are naturally going to feel better about yourself. You’ll feel more confident in a crowd, wear clothes you might not have considered before, and you’ll feel more comfortable in your own body.

  • Improved Focus

Working out tires your body. And it also tires out your brain. Once you get rid of some energy inside your mind through a workout, you will be able to better focus on things like work, your favorite hobby, and things like reading and writing.

  • More Energy

More Energy

Once you get your blood flowing through working out, your body’s energy will recharge at a higher level. Eventually, a regular workout will stimulate your body and increase the amount of energy you have throughout the day as you work and socialize.

  • Less Guilt

When I was not working out, I used to sit in bed at night and feel guilty about it. I would feel terrible about my lack of discipline and the way I feel about myself. It can eat away at you and really make you feel guilty about the fact that you haven’t worked out as much as you should.


My final and most obvious point is the fact that working out will lead to a healthier, more enjoyable life. You will feel better, look better, act better, and it should lead to a longer, healthier life.

Every single person on earth should workout and, if you are not, then you need to get your body in gear now!

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