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Northwestern University recognized as a national leader in energy efficiency and...

Northwestern University to receive EPA’s highest honor recognizing institutions and businesses committed to excellence in energy efficiency Northwestern University has received the prestigious U.S. Environmental...


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Northwestern University imposes pay freeze in COVID-19 response

Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro says the school plans to freeze faculty and staff salaries for the coming school year as part of its response...

Self-sanitizing face mask project receives NSF RAPID grant

A Northwestern University researcher has received funding to develop a new self-sanitizing medical face mask that deactivates viruses on contact. Last week, the project received...
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Northwestern University

Northwestern University scientists sprint to develop new kind of rapid COVID-19 test

Northwestern University scientists are racing to develop a new kind of rapid test to detect the novel coronavirus that would be inexpensive, easily mass-produced,...
Highly porous programmable sponge for clean energy storage.

Gas storage method could help next-generation clean energy vehicles

A research team led by Northwestern University has designed and synthesized new materials with ultrahigh porosity and surface area for the storage of hydrogen...
Northwestern Global U7+ Summit

Northwestern to postpone Global U7+ Summit due to COVID-19

The second annual U7+ Summit, originally scheduled for June 2-3 at Northwestern University, will be rescheduled in response to the continuing global spread of...
Northwestern Univesity Rapid COVID-19 Test

One-step diagnostic tool receives NSF RAPID grant

Northwestern University synthetic biologists have received funding to develop an easy-to-use, quick-screen technology that can test for infectious diseases, including COVID-19, in the human...

Medical students organize volunteers to help community

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine students have organized a volunteer effort among medical students and graduate students to help support health care workers,...