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NU Intel was founded in September 2009. Here, the original mission statement from the founding editors: Here’s the pitch: A city-regional publication for Evanston and Northwestern that specializes in the goings-on, culture, and people who define our lives. An independent organization produced for readers, not writers. A site that’s curated, not comprehensive. Blogs that give readers a quick snapshot of the moment’s most interesting news, culture and sports. Features that introduce you to new things—and make you re-think the things you thought you knew. And, of course, lists. People love lists. We promise you this: It won’t be boring. Our blogs, Buzzard, The Lip, and The Post, will obsessively cover breaking news, culture and sports. Our features will take a deeper stab at the people and ideas that shape this little bubble called Nothwestern. Sometimes that means a 4,000-word article. Sometimes it means a slideshow. A journalist once wrote, “It could fairly be said that newspapers tell you about the world, and that magazines, the best ones, tell you about their world—and by association, your world.” That wall, between your world and our world, is gone. We’re hoping you’ll play a big role in shaping our publication. We built NU Intel with readers in mind, from our integration with Facebook to our coverage of everyday students. It’s going to be a journey as we discover what truly defines Northwestern—and we want you on board.