Tips & Ideas for Television Placement In Home

by NU Intel Staff
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For most of us it is tough to conceal technologies, so try to incorporate it into your décor as best possible. Let’s face it: in the actual world, decorating entails dealing with a tv. It is likely even safe to say that for many people the tv is a focus. But finding a place to set the tv without compromising your furniture arrangement and décor can be challenging. Here are a few suggestions for decorating with televisions in your bedroom OR in the kitchen via under cabinet kitchen television without undermining your décor integrity.

Find a Power Supply

Find the nearest power source to where you need to place your TV. Make sure there’s enough of a power source to deal with any extras such as Blu-ray players and audio systems. Also, consider where the windows are and how much glare you are going to receive on the screen.

Television Placement In Home

Television Placement In Home

Eye Level

To begin with, it is always best to place the tv at eye level. This is best so that when you’re seated, you are not straining your eyes or neck by looking up or down to see the display. Normally, about 4 ft off the floor is great. Then multiply the diagonal width of the display by three to ascertain the ideal viewing distance. (You can not always do so, but it is a fantastic place to start.)

Pick a Focus

If your TV is the focal point, then put it in the middle of the seating area. If you’ve got another focal point like a mantel or a gorgeous window, then consider putting it on the wall adjacent to the focal point so that it can nevertheless be viewed comfortably.

Hide It

If you do not want your tv for a focal point, or you wish to have the ability to conceal it in a moment’s notice, think about putting it in a cupboard or armoire with doors that can close. Make sure that there are holes in the trunk (or drill a few yourself) for each the cords to experience. Also, make certain the cabinet is easy to open and close when you have kids that are going to use it.

under cabinet kitchen television

Integrate It

Incorporate your television in your décor by putting it on a device such as a bookcase and encircle it with books, items, and photos. To integrate that, even more, surround it with a gallery wall of photography or artwork in black frames.

Flip It

If you would like a small television in a place like the kitchen, buy one that can be mounted under cabinets and flipped up or down as you want it. These may also work in dens or home offices.

The Mantel: Yes OR No?

Many decorators will say you shouldn’t set your television on or over the mantel. Not only is it too large, but you are putting a large, black display smack dab in the center of the area’s best focal point. Having said that, it is a trend at the moment, and there are a good deal of people around who seem to enjoy it. If you decide to place your TV over the mantel, then get a flatscreen and mount it into the wall instead of having it on a rack right on the mantel.

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