Samsung Galaxy Fit is 50 percent off at Best Buy

by NU Intel Staff
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Samsung Galaxy Fit was a good bargain at $100, so it’s an even better fitness device now if you’re on a strict budget. It works on Android and iOS and it has Samsung’s colorful Tizen interface that’s easy to use. The display may be smaller than those on the Galaxy Watches, but that’s what you get with a band design. And the construction of the Galaxy Fit is a good one — the touchscreen is responsive, the entire thing is swim-proof and you can swap bands out as you please.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

As most fitness trackers do, the Galaxy Fit monitors daily activity, including steps and workouts, in addition to heart rate, sleep and stress levels. It also has some auto-tracking capabilities, recognizing when you’re moving or starting a workout and monitoring accordingly. You’ll also receive smartphone alerts on the band and you can choose to install widgets that let you track things like nutrition more easily.

Samsung's Galaxy Fit

Samsung’s Galaxy Fit

Based on what we know about the Galaxy Fit 2 right now, the biggest difference between it and this fitness tracker is battery life. While the Galaxy Fit lasts up to one week on a single charge, Samsung improved the Fit 2’s battery life to at least 15 days — and you can even extend it to up to 21 days if you change certain settings. Extra battery life is great, but you can expect the Fit 2 to cost at least $100 when it eventually comes out. If you can live without those improvements, the Galaxy Fit is a great fitness tracker that’s even more compelling at this $50 sale price.

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