Using Cash For Online Casino Deposits

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One of the most exciting aspects of technology is the innovation it brings, which aims at increasing the convenience and ease with which we carry out several daily activities. In this article, we will be looking at one of such innovations, Cashtocode.

This payment method allows you to make payments in cash for online store or e-commerce website purchases. The exciting thing about this payment method is that it does not require you to have a bank account or a payment card. You also do not have to register or create an account. Cashtocode casinos enable payments using Cashtocode.

The primary thing that Cashtocode requires you to do is deposit your money to a merchant near you. This merchant processes your transaction as your cash is converted to code. Yes, Cashtocode.

Online Casino Deposits

Funanga Limited, a company based in the United Kingdom, owns Cashtocode. Initially, the company created Cashtocode for the Austrian and German markets. Cashtocode snowballed as it expanded to Greece, the United Kingdom and Italy. Using Cashtocode, you will notice some similarities with Paysafecard. However, Cashtocode is different as it allows you to deposit online initially. After the initial deposit, go to the nearest merchant to make your cash deposit and confirm your transaction.

The Cashtocode payment method ensures convenience and ease. It is practical and straightforward to use with Cashtocode casinos. To make deposits in online casinos using Cashtocode, select the Cashtocode option, then a will appear. Take this code to the Cashtocode merchant near you to scan. After scanning, you will get a notification of a successful transaction.

Benefits of Using Cashtocode

The benefits include security and ease of making deposits. It is a comfortable way to process your transactions and keep your personal information safe.

You Don’t Have to Submit Your Bank Information

The vision behind creating Cashtocode is a method of making deposits for customers that prefer to keep their bank details to themselves for several reasons. Cashtocode enables you to make purchases without sharing your bank account information and staying safe regarding online deposits.

There is No Registration

One of the significant issues with having many accounts is having lots of passwords to remember. It’s not recommended to use the same sets of passwords across all your accounts because if malicious parties get hold of one, the same goes for the other accounts. Even with password managers, it can still be a burden. With Cashtocode, you do not have to register or create a new account because the code is used to record the transaction. Hence, you can make your deposit with logging into an account.

Fast and Easy Transactions

Initially, going to the Cashtocode merchant to process your transaction can be tasking; after this, the transaction is instantly processed. In situations where delays occur, ensure that you get in touch with customer care to resolve the issue.


Cashtocode does not charge any extra fees, and there are no hidden charges. If you notice an additional cost, it can be from the casino with which you are operating. Ensure that you check the terms and conditions of whichever online casino to use so you can account for these hidden charges. You can also contact the customer contact line to get more information.

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